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Szlovák út 64.

Budapest, 1162 Hungary


Why Boga? "Boga" is the name of a fantasic valley in Transylvania. One of my favourite place.

I created the Bogabag leather bag brand in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary.

I am a professional leather bag maker, I keep myself a traditonal craftworker.

I learnt leather crafting - designing and making leather bags and wallets - after graduation.

Leather is a beautiful material and it's a pleasure for me to work with it. I design all of my bags by myself. My products are valuable because of its quality, its unique design and its durable materials.

I do not not follow the latest fashion trends, I mix the classic design with my own personal touch. I design timeless products with classic minimal look. I like the leather itself, and I work with organic shapes.

If you like uniqueness and good quality, if you want to look different in a modern stylish way - you will love my bags!

Quality and Manufacturing

Bogabag bags are created by huge precizity, from high quality materials, planned for using over years. I design the models and I take active part in manufacturing.
The sample models and custom orders are made in my own studio. Retail orders are satisfied on cooperation with a Budapest based leather bag sewing factory, according to strict quality regulations.

Wholesale availability

If you are interested in wholesale business, do not hesitate to contact me for the wholesale prices and conditions at

Custom requests

I am open to accept for custom requests. Moreover custom requests inspire me! I love them!


 N. Toth Zsuzsa

the designer and owner of brand Bogabag - which is my passion as well :)